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Academy of Architecture (TAG443)


The Academy of Guilds (TAG443) serves as an alternative model to tertiary education by operating on the model of traditional guilds and focuses on training, skills development and mentoring learners.

The aim of Academy of Guilds (TAG443) is to mentor or tutor learners with a balanced range of skills in architecture and the building arts. The Academy of Guilds (TAG443) is a vocational training centre. The foundation of this educational objective is to mould the character of learners within the discipline of Architecture and the Built Enviroment. The Academy of Guilds (TAG443) is an academic member of THE CAPE CRAFT AND DESIGN INSTITUTE (CCDI) and the Association of Private Providers of Education, Training and Development. (APPETD).

The Academy of Guilds (TAG443) is a private training educational institution and operates as design college that is structured in a Designlab:-

  Design Foundation Architecture and The building arts

Designlab for detailed, sketching and concept interpretation with MAPPP seta accreditation in design foundation.

Cadlab 2d & 3d cad animation

courses:- FETC:- Design Foundation or Computer Aided Drawing (Office Practice)/ National Certfificate: Design Techniques or Architectural Technology