Linkin Park

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Linkin Park
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Linkin Park in Stockholm
NazionalitàStatère Aunìte Statère Aunìte
Alternative metal
Alternative rock
Nu Metal
Periode de attività musecale1996 – in attività
EtichetteWarner Bros. Records, Warner Music Group
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Discografije[cangecange 'a sorgende]

Album[cangecange 'a sorgende]

  • 2000: Hybrid Theory
  • 2003: Meteora
  • 2007: Minutes to Midnight
  • 2010: A Thousand Suns
  • 2012: Living Things
  • 2014: The Hunting Party
  • 2017: One More Light

Live[cangecange 'a sorgende]

  • Live in Texas
  • Roads to Revolutions: Live at Milton Keynes
  • Live at SoHo (iTunes Exclusive EP)