ISO 3166-2:MX: Differenze 'mbrà revisiune

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'''ISO 3166-2:MX''' ète 'n'[[Organizzazione 'Ndernaziunale pe le Standardizzazioni|ISO]] stàndàrd ca dìce le codece geografeche: Jè 'nu sotto 'nzieme de l' [[ISO 3166-2]] ca s'applechesce a 'u [[Messico]].
Stu codece cuprisce 1 destritte federale e 31 state.
ISO 3166-2:MX covers 1 federal district and 31 states. The first part of the code is ''MX'', the [[ISO 3166-1]] code for Mexico; the second part is a sequence of three letters, shown in the table below.<ref>[ ISO 3166-2], [[International Organization for Standardization]]. Accessed on line [[October 21]], [[2007]].</ref><ref>[ States of Mexico], Last updated [[April 23]], [[2007]]; accessed on line [[October 21]], [[2007]].</ref><ref>[ ISO Codes table and translation], Alioth. Accessed on line [[October 21]], [[2007]].</ref>
== Liste de le Codece ==
26 419


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